【Important】 Notice on opening of BFC and BFX fixed exchange

来源: bfx 发布时间: 2019-12-11 09:32:45

Dear valued users,

In order to make BFX's simulated trading market more interesting, we have opened the fixed exchange function of BFC and BFX since the date of this announcement issued,. The fixed exchange ratio is 10000BFC=1BFX, which supports two-way exchange. In other words, users can exchange 10,000 BFCS for one BFX or one BFX for 10,000 BFCS.

About BFX:BFX is the equity token of BFX.NU, with a total circulation of about 1 billion, and the current circulation of about 100 million. Support transaction fee deduction with 75% discount、holders can enjoy VIP service treatment and many other functions; Now BFX\USDT trading pair has been opened;  We will spend 50% of monthly transaction fee income on buying back BFX in the market.


About BFC: BFC is the special trading margin of the simulated trading market, The total issuance amount of BFC is set to be 100 billion, it is distributed mainly through airdrops and event giveaways. New registered users can get 1000BFC reward, and if you log in once everyday, you can also get 100bfc reward each time, For more reward channels, please pay attention to the following related announcements. To make the simulated trading market more interesting, we will support fixed two-way exchange function based on 10000BFC=1BFX.


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December 10th, 2019