【Important】The Samoa commodities and stock exchange licensed BFX to carry out digital derivatives

来源: bfx 发布时间: 2019-11-23 15:31:55

Dear users,

We are pleased to announce that the Samoa Commodities and Stock Exchange (GCSEL) has authorized BFX.NU to develop digital financial derivatives businesses. BFX has entered into a strategic partnership with the Samoa Commodities and Stock Exchange and has become its global business partner. At present, Samoa's financial supervisory authorities are relatively open to financial technology innovation, Therefore, local enterprises have become the preferred partner for bfx.nu.

We decided to work with GCSEL to develop financial futures derivatives trading services such as digital commodities based on blockchain and securities, laying the foundation for the platform's compliance layout. This cooperation also provides strong support for BFX.NU, and we will provide you with more tradable digital financial products.

Samoa Introduction: Samoa is one of the member states of the commonwealth of nations. The political situation is relatively stable. Samoa has good financial and legal facilities to facilitate the establishment and development of various financial institutions、insurance institutions and foundations; Samoa's financial regulatory authority is relatively open to fintech innovation and will push for legislation based on the development of the industry in the future .

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November 14th2019