Announcement on Launching Simulation Trading Zone

来源: bfx 发布时间: 2018-08-29 16:40:44

The digital asset contract transaction has a high threshold. It is open 7*24 hours with no fluctuation limit and influenced by various global uncertain factors. To providing a platform for learning and communication for all users interested in digital asset contract transactions, we launch a simulation trading zone, expecting to promote healthy and sustainable development of the industry.


The special trading margin for the simulation trading zone is BFC, with a total circulation of 100 billion. It is mainly distributed in the form of airdrops and activities. When the time is ripe, we will consider to open coin-to-coin transaction for BFC. However, we will not guarantee the actual value of BFC. Users will be awarded 10000 BFCs upon registration and 1000 BFCs if login every day. For more information, please pay attention to our follow-up announcements.



                                                    BFX.NU Team