• The A-share market opened, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 2991.10 points (-0.02%), the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index reported 9943.45 points (+0.05%), and the blockchain sector fell 0.27%.
    2019-11-06 10:42:05
  • Analyst Roger Quantrillo: "Bitcoin will reach $17,000 by the end of the year." In July this year, after bitcoin rose to $13,800, he predicted on Twitter: "BTC will test $7,850 to $7,350."
    2019-11-06 10:38:45
  • According to the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, the current Jank Group has withdrawn from the main members of Bitco, and Wu Jihan has changed from an executive director to an executive director and manager.
    2019-11-06 10:08:02
  • Ripple turned to argue that a plaintiff failed to file a lawsuit under the law in the adjournment of the law in the face of whether the XRP was a security issue, but Ripple must respond to the new case before December 4.
    2019-11-05 20:51:50
  • The Japan Financial Services Agency plans to establish a restriction rule in 2019 to prohibit the formation and sale of trust investments that use virtual currency as an investment target.
    2019-11-05 20:09:17
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has indicated that the government should complete the test of the National Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by 2020.
    2019-11-05 20:08:41
  • On November 1, the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) has approved the first five cryptographic service providers, which are already legally operational in the country.
    2019-11-05 19:44:53
  • The debit card Blockcard now accepts XRP payments, and XRP users can now use XRP anywhere in the world where VISA, Google and Apple Pay payments are accepted.
    2019-11-05 19:14:04
  • According to Reuters, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) introduced the cryptocurrency licensing scheme in October 2018, but a year later, the agency issued almost no licenses.
    2019-11-05 19:02:23
  • Coin Metrics data shows that since September 2018, the Bitcoin Rich List has achieved a 30% increase, or reflects the influx of high-net-worth investors.
    2019-11-05 17:54:22
  • Juniper Research data shows that by 2024, the total value of B2B cross-border payments that are stored in the blockchain will exceed $4.4 trillion, up from $171 billion in 2019.
    2019-11-05 17:53:22
  • The A-share closed, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 2991.56 points (+0.54%), the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index reported 9938.61 points (+0.71%), and the blockchain sector rose 0.31%.
    2019-11-05 16:38:40
  • Yang Dong, Renmin University of China: The blockchain is equivalent to the production relationship. It is expected that the blockchain technology will be further valued, thus creating a wave of blockchain production, learning, research and use.
    2019-11-05 15:50:00
  • According to the China Electronic News, the upstream and downstream industries in the blockchain are booming, and the global market size reaches 12.26 billion yuan.
    2019-11-05 15:31:06
  • According to official sources, the Algorand Foundation announced that it had completed the destruction of the early redemption of the auction tokens in August, and destroyed the ALGO tokens to approximately 1.9 million.
    2019-11-05 15:29:31