• Financial analyst Bob Loukas: "If the bitcoin bull market is still true, we should see BTC start to rise in the next two months. Then it will steadily climb to a new historical high (ATH) by the end of 2020."
    2019-12-30 14:09:44
  • Data show that the activity of Bitcoin's entire network chain plummeted last week, and the hashrate dropped somewhat. The average of the seven-day computing power decreased by 7.89% from the previous month.
    2019-12-30 13:02:15
  • BitFlyer Blockchain co-founder and CEO Ghana Yusan tweeted that for transparency considerations, Ripple should make public financial reports, otherwise the debate cannot end.
    2019-12-30 12:20:10
  • According to the latest data from the Ethernodes website, based on the average block time, the Muir Glacier hard fork is expected to take place at 4:04 pm on January 2, 2020.
    2019-12-30 12:13:28
  • DASH officially tweeted that it plans to release the Dash Platform on EvoNet on December 30, and will post a blog post detailing the version and public test plan on Monday.
    2019-12-27 17:37:28
  • Bitcoin Core Developers: Throughout 2019, the dominance of the Bitcoin market has increased by nearly 20%, continuing the 2018 growth and doubling.
    2019-12-27 17:21:37
  • ChaiNext: Driven by the 10% increase in ETC in the early morning, the broad market began to rebound weakly, BTC was hammered after rebounding to 7,400U, and has now fallen back to the price before the rebound.
    2019-12-27 16:14:17
  • Ripple senior vice president Asheesh Birla predicts that by 2020, almost all financial applications will utilize blockchain technology and be completely transformed, but it will take slightly longer than expected.
    2019-12-27 15:49:58
  • In the last 24 hours, the activity on the Bitcoin chain has picked up, and the transfer fee has also risen slightly, but the overall is still at a recent low. The short-term computing power returns to 100 EH / s.
    2019-12-27 15:47:13
  • Ethereum co-founder Jeffrey Wilcke acknowledged that the transfer of 92,000 ETH to the exchange will raise funds for his gaming project. Jeffrey Wilcke is co-founder of Grid Games.
    2019-12-27 15:22:24
  • Data: The number of active addresses on the Ethereum Classic ETC network has begun to surge since last weekend. The number has increased from about 400,000 to over 1 million.
    2019-12-27 15:13:15
  • ETC officially tweeted that a conference call will be held at 13:00 UTC on December 27 to discuss the Gas-Limit issue. The background of the meeting is that GasToken is filling the block with a size of 1 gb per day.
    2019-12-27 14:59:26
  • Ripple published a prediction article for 2020 on its website. Ripple CTO David Schwartz mentioned in the article: "I think we will see more different use cases for blockchain. "
    2019-12-27 14:43:46
  • Today's panic and greed index is 38 (yesterday it was 39), the degree of panic has increased slightly, and the level is still panic. Note: The panic index threshold is 0-100.
    2019-12-27 14:25:45
  • The large-scale deletion of encrypted content and videos by YouTube, CEO of Block.one B.B: Blockchain pursues substantial fairness and integrity, which is scared by those who want to hide facts.
    2019-12-26 18:03:52