• On September 10th, the US Treasury hoped that Switzerland would strengthen its regulation of cryptocurrencies and adopt strict cryptocurrency regulations for Libra.
    2019-09-11 10:20:47
  • Blockstream CEO Adam Black recently said that Bitcoin's dominance will return to around 90%, which will mark the end of the era of the altcoin hegemony. The price of a new record is to sacrifice the altcoin.
    2019-09-11 10:12:44
  • Stripe, a San Francisco-based payment technology provider, is entering the credit card business. On Tuesday, the company announced the news that it will launch a corporate credit card.
    2019-09-11 09:35:19
  • DNB recently released a report saying that the bill currently submitted to the Dutch House of Representatives will not only force domestic encryption companies to register with the central bank.
    2019-09-11 09:34:36
  • With the global popularity of cryptocurrencies, SWIFT is preparing to launch its flagship program to provide international payment services to European customers.
    2019-09-11 09:29:36
  • Coinbase engineers believe that when the wallet queries the third party for the user's address data, the information will be released, and some unmanaged wallets tend to operate at a lower bandwidth.
    2019-09-10 21:43:55
  • Analyst Anthony Pompliano said: "The Bitcoin network has about 100,000 nodes, while SWIFT has only 11,000 nodes (banks), almost 10 times that of SWIFT."
    2019-09-10 21:40:45
  • Bank of England Governor Carney said that cryptocurrency is not a systemic risk. We don't think cryptocurrencies are ready for the development period and should be added to the regulatory system.
    2019-09-10 21:14:15
  • In the latest report, Citibank pointed out that the price of gold may rise to a record high of more than 2,000 US dollars per ounce in the next two years.
    2019-09-10 19:57:57
  • According to DAppTotal.com data: At 19:43 on September 10, USDT issuer Tether added a USD 20 million USDT to the Ethereum network. At present, the ERC20 USDT on the Ethereum network has reached 1.6 billion.
    2019-09-10 19:51:51
  • The People's Bank of China Nanjing Branch issued a document saying that according to the work deployment, a total of 13 banks in Nantong City participated in the pilot work of the financial blockchain platform.
    2019-09-10 18:52:45
  • Whale Alert monitoring, 13:33, an unknown address received a total of 100 million XRPs from two other unknown addresses. At 14:53, the address of the XRP is received and transferred to another unknown address.
    2019-09-10 18:18:39
  • Tether has promised to donate $1 million to help Dorian's victims, Hurricane Dorian destroyed the northwestern part of the Bahamas and caused serious damage to the southeastern United States and the Atlantic Canada.
    2019-09-10 17:24:29
  • MoneyGram and Visa jointly launched the P2P debit card deposit service, which is currently only available in the US, and the service is also planned to expand to other markets outside the US.
    2019-09-10 17:22:42
  • Economist Preston Pysh said that inflation is a phenomenon of money supply, taking Venezuela as an example, and asserting that citizens of the country did not suddenly reduce their demand for their own currency.
    2019-09-10 16:13:42
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