• Li Qiwei: The 50 billion XLMs destroyed by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) should be allocated to the community. SDF has only destroyed 5 billion of its 17 billion XLMs.
    2019-11-06 15:23:47
  • SFC Chairman Ou Da Li: Bitcoin is not a security. In addition, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission will issue a new regulatory guide for digital asset trading platforms today.
    2019-11-06 15:18:34
  • Chairman of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission: The Regulations for the Digital Asset Trading Platform, released today, will regulate securities-based token transactions.
    2019-11-06 15:09:32
  • The premium for the Bitcoin in Argentina continues to soar. As of press time, the price of a bitcoin in Ripio, the Argentine cryptocurrency exchange, was 735,326.11 Argentine pesos, with a premium of nearly $3,000.
    2019-11-06 14:59:49
  • As of 11:00 on November 6, the 24H trading volume of the Ethereum mainstream exchange continued to grow; the volume of transactions on the chain continued to rise; the ROI continued to increase in 30 days.
    2019-11-06 14:29:38
  • The "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2019)" has been reviewed and approved. In the first draft of the draft, the "virtual currency mining" in the phase-out industry was deleted.
    2019-11-06 14:22:22
  • Bitcoinbch.com's September report shows that BCH accounts for more than 92% of the country's total cryptocurrency spending. According to the latest report, this figure remained above 90% (90.74%) in October.
    2019-11-06 14:15:50
  • The panic and greed index today is 53 (54 yesterday), almost the same as before, and the rating is still neutral. Note: The panic index threshold is 0-100.
    2019-11-06 14:13:14
  • Ripple released the "Report on the Status of Application of Blockchain Payments in 2019": 32% of them believe that the regulations are too strict, and requires clear regulatory policies in the payment field.
    2019-11-06 14:04:59
  • Shenzhen People's Congress today announced a special research report. The report suggests that the digital currency pilot should be promoted to study the feasibility of the issuance.
    2019-11-06 14:02:39
  • Webster's rating: Cardano has solved most of the problems solved by the CBC Casper protocol. The same is true of Algorand. It seems that ETH has been trying to "recreate the wheel."
    2019-11-06 13:54:58
  • Analysis: If 1% of the adjusted transfer value is used for goods and services, the nominal GDP of Bitcoin is equivalent to $8.4 billion, equivalent to the 140th largest economy in the world.
    2019-11-06 13:43:37
  • Bitcoin prices continued to move sideways yesterday, with a slight retracement in the day and a narrow range of shocks. Mainstream currencies perform strongly.
    2019-11-06 13:25:59
  • China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website recently said that it will promote the establishment of blockchain and distributed accounting technology standardization committee.
    2019-11-06 11:38:25
  • Liu Lianzhen, chairman of the Bank of China, revealed that the digital wallet of the Bank of China is currently under study. For the entire financial community, banks, the potential for blockchain scenarios is enormous.
    2019-11-06 11:37:23