• eToro senior market analyst Mati Greenspan said he is still skeptical about investing in ETH because its high inflation rate is similar to XRP.
    2019-09-12 09:22:05
  • According to the data provided by Dapptotal, the current EOS full node block capacity has reached 430GB, the growth rate is fast, will soon catch up with Ethereum.
    2019-09-11 22:00:14
  • LhoFT has expressed a high degree of recognition for Ripple in this year's list of innovators. Ripple is said to be a solution to cross-border payment unreliability, making XRP unique in the industry.
    2019-09-11 20:11:05
  • MasterCard and blockchain software provider R3 today announced a strategic partnership to develop and test a new blockchain cross-border payment solution that will initially focus on global payment infrastructure.
    2019-09-11 19:59:26
  • Senior trader Josh Rager said that bitcoin prices broke through the current daily support area and crossed 20 MA. If the buyer does not shoot in the next few days, Bitcoin may fall below $9000 and may reach $8,000.
    2019-09-11 19:16:22
  • Sun Yuchen said that TRON's technical team designed a unique distributed storage protocol. The concept of a graphical database was introduced in the design of the storage layer.
    2019-09-11 19:04:39
  • On September 11th, according to a report released by TokenInsight, BFX.NU, a veteran futures exchange that has been operating for five years, has been awarded the best exchange with the most standard contract.
    2019-09-11 18:51:45
  • Blockchain developer Pundi X has released a smartphone called Blok on Blok (BOB). On this phone, all data will be executed on the Function X blockchain ecosystem.
    2019-09-11 18:21:22
  • TokenGazer believes that the recent decline in BTC/ETH is related to the decline in gold. When BTC/ETH fell several times before, gold had a large decline, and the decline in gold occurred before the fall of BTC/ETH.
    2019-09-11 18:15:52
  • HKEx proposes to merge with the Exchange. Earlier, Li Xiaojia, president of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, said that the HKEx will make good use of blockchain and other technologies in three years.
    2019-09-11 17:49:01
  • According to Al-Eqtisadiah, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will complete pilot projects for cross-border banking transactions in digital currencies by the end of the year.
    2019-09-11 17:04:57
  • The Swiss Financial Market Regulatory Authority has issued a supplemental document focusing on stable currencies to complement its existing ICO guidelines.
    2019-09-11 16:59:45
  • The XRP Community Fund has been registered as an official foundation in the Netherlands. It is reported that the XRP community fund is committed to improving the adoption rate of XRP.
    2019-09-11 16:56:54
  • The Hong Kong Securities Exchange Post was issued and merged. In the current report, the Hong Kong Exchange General (HKEX) General Money is 20.45 British and New Treasure-type.
    2019-09-11 16:50:45
  • On September 11th, Japan officially reorganized the cabinet, Finance Minister Aso and others continued to remain in office, and Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso had been cautious about encrypting assets.
    2019-09-11 15:52:46
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