• As of 11:00 on November 22, the ETF's mainstream exchange 24H trading volume remained stable; the bitcoin exchange rate continued the upward trend; the 30-day ROI continued to outperform the BTC.
    2019-11-22 12:46:42
  • Zhu Min, former vice president of the International Monetary Fund: "China does not need to compete for the issue of when to introduce digital currency. Technology maturity and mature policy framework are the most important."
    2019-11-22 12:42:34
  • BM has just announced that its team has been looking for solutions in the near future to optimize Rex issues and more generally address CPU price issues.
    2019-11-22 12:34:51
  • Moroccan central bank governor Abdellatif Jouahri pointed out that financial technology is redefining banking services. Jouahri also said: "The blockchain is the most disruptive technology of the decade."
    2019-11-22 10:41:50
  • Analysts believe that the BTC unit's calculation of mining profitability returned to the beginning of the year, and the calculation power was consolidating in more than one month, and the short-term oversold.
    2019-11-22 10:38:34
  • The report pointed out that by 2025, the global blockchain mobile phone market is expected to grow to 25 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 69% in the next six years.
    2019-11-22 10:34:20
  • The A-share market opened, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 2906.24 points (+0.09%), the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index reported 9794.32 points (+0.20%), and the blockchain sector rose 0.11%.
    2019-11-22 10:27:40
  • As the power of Ethereum increases, block rewards also decrease as block time increases. The block time is extended by about one second, the supply is reduced, and the difficulty bomb is now activated.
    2019-11-21 19:16:25
  • On November 21st, the Monroe CLI v0.15.0.1 version of Carbon Chamaeleon was marked on github, and the GUI v0.15.0.1 version was also marked.
    2019-11-21 19:11:49
  • As of 17:00 on November 21, BTC diving fell below the 8000 support level; the 24H BTC trading volume of the mainstream exchanges shrank by 26.76% yesterday; the BTC market value slowed down.
    2019-11-21 18:20:28
  • According to Cointelegraph, negative interest rates have begun to become part of the ECB's monetary policy. Critics have warned that such a move would spur the public to switch to cash, bitcoin (BTC) alternatives.
    2019-11-21 18:04:05
  • The data shows that Twitter’s attention to Bitcoin has fallen to a low of nearly two years. Attention can often measure market sentiment.
    2019-11-21 16:06:28
  • Guo Linhai, head of blockchain technology at Shanghai Pudong Development Bank: The blockchain is the cornerstone of building a value network. The blockchain + IoT financial service platform will be launched next year.
    2019-11-21 15:58:37
  • The A-share closed, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 2,903.64 points (-0.25%), the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index reported 9774.44 points (-0.35%), and the blockchain sector fell 0.76%. Concept stocks vary.
    2019-11-21 15:34:30
  • 11 월 21 일 11시 현재 이더 리움 주류 거래소의 24 시간 거래량은 약 $ 50.99M로 어제보다 29.74 % 낮았습니다. 이더 리움과 BTC 간의 180 일 상관 관계는 일정한 상승 추세를 보여주었습니다.
    2019-11-21 14:41:38