• Today's panic and greed index is 20 (yesterday was 21), the degree of panic slightly intensified, and the level is still extremely panic. Note: The panic index threshold is 0-100.
    2019-11-27 14:56:15
  • On November 26, 2019, the overseas team Node Pacific officially entered into a cooperation agreement with Tencent Cloud, and will launch in-depth cooperation in related areas such as blockchain nodes.
    2019-11-27 14:54:32
  • IOHK's Charles Hoskinson: "We have started pushing Haskell Cardano 1.0 to relays and then pushing OBFT hard forks to core nodes. This is an important milestone."
    2019-11-27 14:43:28
  • As of October 2019, the national level has issued a total of 24 blockchain-related guidance policies; the local level has issued a total of 47 blockchain-related guidance policies.
    2019-11-27 14:41:16
  • The report shows that with the increase of computing power, low-power mining machines will gradually establish an advantage in the competition.
    2019-11-27 14:39:03
  • Yu Xuejun, China Banking Regulatory Commission: Over the past year, blockchain and other technologies have helped listed banks build smart banks and digital transformation.
    2019-11-27 14:33:51
  • According to Whale Alert monitoring, 16:41:21 (UTC + 8), the wallet address starting with r38DNb transfers 49,999,996 XRP to Bitstamp (starting address with rDsbeo), valued at about 11.03 million USD.
    2019-11-26 17:11:57
  • Li Dongrong, president of the China Mutual Gold Association: attaches great importance to the popularization of blockchain knowledge and guides the public to understand correctly.
    2019-11-25 19:47:36
  • Based on the current difficulty of mining the entire network of Bitcoin, the electricity price is 0.38 yuan / kWh, and there are 6 bitcoin mining machines such as ant S9 (¥47774) at the shutdown price.
    2019-11-25 19:28:32
  • In the “i Shenzhen” APP in Shenzhen, “resident ID card”, “resident household registration book” and “marriage certificate” have been implemented.
    2019-11-25 16:49:33
  • On November 23, Ant Financial released the White Paper on Privacy Protection and Data Security. Effectively solve the privacy protection problem by combining technologies such as blockchain.
    2019-11-25 16:40:37
  • Analyst TraderX0: Btc is expected to fall to around $5,000 in seven weeks, which is the next major support for Bitcoin. In addition,the current price behavior of Bitcoin is significantly similar to that of a few years ago.
    2019-11-25 16:23:04
  • The data shows that on November 12th, in the bitcoin futures contract market of Zhouzhi Commercial Institute (CME), hedge funds are betting on bitcoin in larger bets compared to other types of institutions.
    2019-11-25 16:16:26
  • As of 11:00 on November 25, the 24H trading volume of the mainstream exchanges has increased significantly; Ethereum's exchange rate against Bitcoin has dropped significantly; the 30-day ROI continued to decline.
    2019-11-25 15:39:23
  • Last week, the bitcoin chain rebounded slightly, and the big whales transferred frequently. The number of large transfers in the chain reached 1053 on the 22nd, the highest point in nearly 60 days.
    2019-11-25 14:30:59