• The reporter was informed that the expansion of the cross-border financial blockchain platform of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange increased the number of pilot provinces and cities to 19.
    2019-11-11 16:09:51
  • Jinshan Cloud passed the 2019 credible blockchain standard evaluation. KBaaS and KLedger are the two core products of the Jinshan cloud blockchain, and all of them are evaluated at one time.
    2019-11-11 14:31:20
  • Today's panic and greed index is 40 (39 yesterday), the level of panic is slightly less than yesterday, and the level is still panic. Note: The panic index threshold is 0-100.
    2019-11-11 14:00:42
  • Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano said: "The digital currency world provides financial services far beyond the services provided by traditional financial systems."
    2019-11-11 13:49:54
  • Tonghuashun (300033.SZ) said that the company has reserved certain blockchain related technologies and actively explored the application of blockchain technology in the field of Internet financial information services.
    2019-11-11 11:31:23
  • As of 11:00 on November 11, the 24H trading volume of the Ethereum mainstream exchanges remained stable; the new address growth slowed down; the 30-day ROI rebounded.
    2019-11-11 11:27:07
  • The A-share market opened, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 2935.59 points (-0.83%), the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index reported 9778.09 points (-1.18), and the blockchain sector fell 1.28%.
    2019-11-11 10:35:59
  • Block.one CEO BB today said: The Bitcoin network is growing rapidly, and new capital inflows offset more than $4 billion in annual inflation, just to maintain current prices.
    2019-11-11 10:32:45
  • China Information and Communication Research Institute released the "Blockchain White Paper (2019)" in Beijing today: China's blockchain patent applications exceeded 18,000, ranking first in the world.
    2019-11-08 20:26:29
  • According to Defi Pulse data, the total number of ETH locks in the DeFi application exceeded 2.4 million, a record high. The total value of ETH, Dai, and BTC locked in these applications exceeds $660 million.
    2019-11-08 20:17:37
  • French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire: The launch of digital currency with the support of the European Central Bank next year may make progress.
    2019-11-08 20:08:45
  • Weiss Ratings: It is recommended that the XRP community gain more satisfaction by transitioning to XLM. Although XLM is lagging behind in adoption, it has a “technical advantage”.
    2019-11-08 19:58:16
  • China Banking Association Chief Information Officer Peak: In the short term, the blockchain is a double-edged sword for financial industry operations and revenue.
    2019-11-08 19:49:57
  • TOP Network Silicon Valley Senior Researcher Charles: Ethereum 2.0 can't be put into use until the second phase of 2021-2022 is completed.
    2019-11-08 19:38:25
  • According to U.Today, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) revealed that an official Sunil Nair had blackmailed a local Bitcoin merchant and asked him for 50 million rupees (about $700,000).
    2019-11-08 18:08:19