• Webster Rating: In the first quarter of 2020, Ripple set the lowest quarterly sales record for XRP to date. The 87% drop in sales is consistent with Ripple's shift to a more conservative sales benchmark.
    2020-05-07 12:06:13
  • On May 6, Serg Metelin, head of developer relations at Block.one, tweeted that EOSIO Explorer v.1.2.0 has been released and now supports EOSIO 2.0 and updated fill-pg.
    2020-05-07 12:04:11
  • In the past 24h, except for BTC, which has risen by 2%, mainstream coins have been volatile. The mainstream currency has a large short-term profit margin, and is alert to hit the market before and after halving.
    2020-05-07 12:02:33
  • Investment Research: The three major US stock indexes are mixed. Two oils stopped five Lianyang. The volume of BTC rebounded to $ 9300 on Wednesday. The currency market divergence continues.
    2020-05-07 11:58:09
  • The latest data from IntoTheBlock shows that only 115 addresses control 56% of Tether's total supply. Among them, 9 large whale households hold 28.89% of the total supply of Tether.
    2020-05-07 11:23:56
  • In a recent tweet, Rafael Schultze-Kraft, the founder of the analytics platform Glassnode, talked about Bitcoin's relatively limited market size, and the Bitcoin investment market is still in an "early state."
    2020-05-06 17:03:52
  • BTC is back above the USD 8900, close to the upper edge of the downtrend channel since June 2019. The USDT premium rate continues to decrease, and entry sentiment continues to weaken.
    2020-05-06 16:45:23
  • With the increasing popularity of DeFi and the upcoming launch of ETH 2.0, the number of active users of ETH has doubled since January. In addition, the creation of independent ETH addresses has also accelerated.
    2020-05-06 16:39:57
  • Today's panic and greed index is 42 (yesterday's was 40), the panic level is a bit slower, and the rating is still panic. Note: The panic index threshold is 0-100.
    2020-05-06 16:37:14
  • Crypto currency analyst Willy Woo: The data shows that the number of giant whales holding more than 1,000 BTC is increasing. Since January, they have been in a stable accumulation pattern, which shows a macro bullish trend.
    2020-05-06 16:34:57
  • Binyin mining pool: BSV mining service is expected to be suspended on May 7, 2020 Beijing time. Users need to modify the configured BSV mining address to BTC or BCH mining address.
    2020-05-06 16:28:16
  • Investment research: US stocks narrowed their gains. The oil market surged all the way. BTC continued to shrink on Tuesday. The market is cautiously optimistic about June prices. Recent transaction risks have increased.
    2020-05-06 16:08:23
  • The confidence index survey released by bitFlyer shows that 66% of European respondents believe that cryptocurrencies will continue to exist after 10 years. People's confidence in cryptocurrencies is increasing.
    2020-04-30 15:33:15
  • Data: At least in the past two years, BTC, which accounts for 43.06% of the total Bitcoin in circulation, has not moved, which means that this number increased by 10.6% last year.
    2020-04-30 15:26:39
  • The data shows that at 23:03 on April 29, USDT issuer Tether issued an additional TRC20 USDT worth USD 100,000,000 on the TRON network, with a block height of 19302844.
    2020-04-30 15:24:01