• As of December 10, Tianjin Customs has realized 37 enterprises on the chain, and the blockchain has verified 893 votes for customs declaration of imported ordinary goods and 240,000 express shipments.
    2019-12-24 11:28:03
  • Weiss Ratings: Cryptocurrency analyst Tone Vays said that "the rise of BTC will destroy competitors including EOS and Cardano", a claim that is unfounded.
    2019-12-24 11:22:19
  • On December 24th, Beijing time, the BTC peak dropped, and it has now fallen to about 7,300 US dollars. At present, the long-to-short ratio is healthy, and it is recommended to wait and see.
    2019-12-24 11:15:36
  • In the past 24 hours, the transfers on the Bitcoin chain picked up slightly, and the exchange actively raised deposits. Bitcoin's average hashrate has declined in the last 24 hours.
    2019-12-24 11:12:06
  • Cryptocurrency analyst Tone Vays: He believes that Bitcoin will reach $ 50,000 by 2023, which is "more responsible" than Draper's remarks. Draper's appeal is not based on factual analysis.
    2019-12-23 18:08:57
  • Coinwalle analyst Jeffrey believes that activity on the BTC chain has declined, but OTC's small net inflow may continue to fluctuate upward in the short term.
    2019-12-23 17:49:31
  • Bitcoin Core Developers: There are many reasons why Bitcoin is not ready for mainstream adoption. The good news is that if you are reading this tweet, you are (or still have a chance to be) an early adopter.
    2019-12-23 17:00:23
  • ChaiNext: In the past 24 hours, BTC fired 400 knives and stood on the $ 7,500 level. However, the USDT negative premium is too much, it is recommended to wait and see.
    2019-12-23 16:51:22
  • Miao Wei, Secretary of the Party Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Big data, blockchain and other innovative applications are becoming increasingly abundant.
    2019-12-23 16:41:33
  • Last week, Bitcoin's entire network computing power steadily picked up, and the activity on the chain was relatively stable. The seven-day average hashrate is 100.39 EH / s, an increase of 11.3% from the previous week.
    2019-12-23 13:42:29
  • The TRON DApp game Just.game has been officially launched. So far, the total flow has exceeded 400 million TRX. According to the BFX.NU market, TRX is currently reporting at 0.0147 USDT, with a daily gain of 2.51%.
    2019-12-23 13:36:13
  • Ethereum officially released an announcement announcing that the "Muir Glacier" hard fork is scheduled to take place at a block height of 9,200,000 (expected on January 1, 2020 Beijing time).
    2019-12-23 13:27:07
  • Today's panic and greed index is 33 (yesterday was 20), the degree of panic weakened, and the level changed from extreme panic to panic. Note: The panic index threshold is 0-100.
    2019-12-23 13:24:44
  • From January 1, 2020, Nansha District of Guangdong Province will fully implement electronic value-added tax invoices and blockchain electronic invoices, while canceling paper invoices.
    2019-12-20 16:59:12
  • On December 20th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued China's first authoritative standard on "Requirements for Talents in the Blockchain Industry".
    2019-12-20 16:56:51