• At 02:20 on September 8th, the Ripple address at the beginning of rDbWJ9 transferred 100 million XRP to the beginning of r4LxkCU and received the wallet address marked as Ripple co-founder Jed Mccaleb.
    2019-09-09 09:25:52
  • Today's panic and greed index is 43 (39 yesterday), the level of panic is slightly relieved, and the level is still panic. Note: The panic index threshold is 0-100.
    2019-09-08 12:41:56
  • The Ripple address at the beginning of rDbWJ9 transfers 100 million XRP (about $26.32 million) to the beginning of r4LxkCU, and the receiving address is marked as the Ripple co-founder's wallet address.
    2019-09-08 12:39:39
  • At 8:00 on September 8th, Beijing time, the ChaiNext 100 index was 899.03 points, up 2.37% in the past 24 hours, and the turnover decreased by 11.23% compared with the previous 24 hours.
    2019-09-08 12:36:08
  • Weiss Ratings: The downside of the NEO consensus is that it is slower than other similar projects, with the advantage of being safer and harder to cheat.
    2019-09-08 12:32:44
  • Entrepreneur Harold Christopher Burger: The price of Bitcoin will be no earlier than 2021, and no later than 2028, it will reach $100,000 per bitcoin. After 2028, the price will never fall below $100,000.
    2019-09-08 12:27:27
  • According to Bloomberg's analysis of the 30-day correlation, the correlation between Bitcoin and the renminbi has reached a record negative correlation in the past week.
    2019-09-08 12:23:50
  • Zhang Liping, deputy director of the National Research Center: The digital currency era will come. With the advent of digital currency, the existing national and international monetary system will face great challenges.
    2019-09-08 12:16:52
  • Recent research shows that the average annualized return growth rate of Bitcoin slows down as the market matures. It is expected to rise to $20,000 in February 2022 and rise to $40,000 in May 2023.
    2019-09-08 12:12:23
  • At 7:49:40 on September 7th, Beijing time, the Bithumb wallet address (starting with r9LHiNDZv) on the Ripple blockchain transferred 10 million XRPs (worth $2,535,476) to the unknown wallet address (beginning with rDFCAU).
    2019-09-07 18:28:20
  • Wavefield Weekly: The number of DApps in the wave field has increased by 2 compared with last week. The number of transactions and trading volume have been adjusted back last week.
    2019-09-07 18:26:06
  • Bitcoin has a strong "HODLing" culture. Before the transfer, the holder will save the bitcoin address for 2.7 years and ETH for 1.3 years. Both cryptocurrencies are suitable for long-term holding.
    2019-09-07 14:10:05
  • Hong Weining: Bakkt started the Bitcoin custody business has little effect on the currency price. But the meaning will be far-reaching, one step closer to the “bitcoin bank” that I proposed in 2011.
    2019-09-07 14:04:25
  • The data shows that, so far, the price of Bitcoin has maintained a positive quarterly return for each quarter in 2019. In 2019, Bitcoin investors generally benefited. The last time this happened was in 2017.
    2019-09-07 13:58:12
  • Algo Capital proposes to extend the unlocking period of the Algorand node from 2 years to 5 years. Algo Capital said that the excessive increase in supply will cause huge selling pressure.
    2019-09-07 13:55:48
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