• Alibaba official recently said that in terms of innovation and technology, the Group ranked first in the world for the third consecutive year with 1005 blockchain patents.
    2019-11-01 20:39:12
  • A bit of mainland executives said that Bitcoin is tracking down the Jenke team and its team's encroachment on company positions and property, which is the core reason why the Jank group has remained silent.
    2019-11-01 20:14:14
  • Microsoft's joint blockchain startup Hubii's Ethereum expansion program "nahmii" has partnered with Neo, and it is expected that nahmii will enter the NEO blockchain in 2020.
    2019-11-01 20:11:35
  • Today, an EOS chain project began to airdrop, because the rules attracted many users to lease the CPU, and sent a large number of transactions in a short period of time led to a surge in CPU prices.
    2019-11-01 18:57:40
  • The data shows that BTC's BTC real-time computing power has been overtaken. At present, its real-time computing power is 13010.00 PH/s, and its ranking has dropped to the third in the whole network.
    2019-11-01 18:02:28
  • Bitcoin's famous investor Willy Woo believes that although the US regulator rejected the Winklevoss ETF application, this incident is still a watershed for Bitcoin, increasing the volatility after Bitcoin.
    2019-11-01 17:33:55
  • The report shows that the number of Americans using Bitcoin has now exceeded the maximum circulation of Bitcoin. In 2019, 27 million Americans used Bitcoin, accounting for about 9% of the US population.
    2019-11-01 16:46:48
  • DFG founder James said that ETC and ETH1.X team work closely together, and all PoW functions have been implemented on ETC. After ETH to PoS, applications on PoW are suitable for distribution on ETC.
    2019-11-01 15:28:10
  • The data shows that the volatility of bitcoin cash (BCH) has increased since the beginning of October. And the BCH has greater volatility in the time of the block than the BTC.
    2019-11-01 13:56:35
  • According to Cornell University research, financial rewards that add certain records to the blockchain before others can maintain Bitcoin's functionality, but may threaten its long-term viability.
    2019-11-01 13:26:15
  • ICE CEO Jeffrey Sprecher said Bitcoin could become digital gold, but first needed to be used more in everyday business.
    2019-11-01 12:52:00
  • The monitoring data shows that at 12:06, local time on November 1st, 10005.995 BTC is transferred from the beginning address of 39zAv4u6 to the beginning address of 3FuqMT3, and both addresses are unmarked.
    2019-11-01 12:50:36
  • Tsinghua University issued a document saying that the blockchain is in line with China's current concept of promoting inclusive finance, and it also provides a good opportunity for China's financial market to overtake.
    2019-11-01 11:40:50
  • The data shows that in the past week, the total transaction volume of Tether transactions exceeding 100,000 USDT was about 7.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 109.82% from the previous week.
    2019-11-01 11:16:49
  • According to the data on the chain, the current total number of global nodes in Bitcoin is 9,438, and China ranks eighth with 316 (3.35%).
    2019-11-01 11:01:30