• Bitcoin technology startup Bitstop announced today that it will install its first Bitcoin ATM at Miami International Airport, allowing customers to easily buy and sell bitcoin in cash on the go.
    2019-10-15 21:07:56
  • Recently, the cumulative transaction cost of Bitcoin has exceeded the $1 billion mark, and the sharp increase in fees may mean a significant increase in network usage.
    2019-10-15 19:19:16
  • According to Jin Shiwang, Bank of England Governor Carney said that the UK's payment system is not good enough, Libra, the cryptocurrency of Facebook (FB.O), may be another option.
    2019-10-15 19:15:25
  • Ripple CEO: The company continues to trade in cryptocurrencies so programmatically sells XRP. “99.9% of all XRP transactions are not related to us.”
    2019-10-15 18:19:38
  • Economist Wang Xuezong said on Weibo that the libra model is highly likely to land successfully. At the same time, he also said that digital currency must meet anti-money laundering supervision.
    2019-10-15 17:53:45
  • The blockchain can be highly efficient. Since its listing on September 5, the Jinan Free Trade Zone has attracted 1070 new registered companies in 38 days.
    2019-10-15 17:07:25
  • Roger Ver: In DeFi, the Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens are very good, but the BCH can be implemented in a more precise way. BCH's network provides an ideal platform for creating securities-based tokens.
    2019-10-15 17:01:37
  • Swedish central bank governor Ingves said on Tuesday at CNBC's "Squawk Box Europe" program that Libra has become a catalyst for global central bank reform.
    2019-10-15 16:50:55
  • The Algorand Eco-Fund has sorted out the fund's CTO phone hacking, causing the fund to lose millions of dollars. In the next few weeks, Algo Capital is ready to disclose the details of the fund to the public.
    2019-10-15 14:36:27
  • Cryptney currency analyst Rhythm: "The 18 million btc will be dug up this week! The remaining 14.3% (about 3 million btc) will take about 120 years to complete. The computing power has also reached a record high."
    2019-10-15 14:24:20
  • On October 15th, Vice President of China Mobile: It is extremely urgent to build a national sovereign blockchain network. Under the industrial trend and the trend of the times, it is necessary to change in real time.
    2019-10-15 13:59:14
  • According to the official website of the Oxford English Dictionary, the smallest unit of bitcoin, "satoshi", has been included in the Oxford English Dictionary in this month's update.
    2019-10-15 13:47:21
  • Alipay recently joined the Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance to open the country's first blockchain electronic bill. This blockchain electronic bill was issued on September 25 this year, from the school fee scene.
    2019-10-15 13:45:32
  • "Legal Daily": The use of blockchain technology can effectively improve the efficiency of electronic evidence circulation and improve the efficiency of online judicial trial activities.
    2019-10-15 12:39:24
  • Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin mining is one of the biggest drivers of global renewable energy development. Bitcoin is not energy intensive compared to other forms of currency.
    2019-10-15 12:23:01
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