• The data shows that at 15:10 today, Bitcoin adjusted the mining difficulty to 15.55 T at the block height of 616896, an increase of 0.52% from January 28. There are 14 days and 8 hours left before the next adjustment.
    2020-02-11 16:55:10
  • In the past week, the activity on the Bitcoin chain has increased significantly, and USDT is continuing at a premium. The number of newly issued USDT was 150 million, an increase of 568.10% from the previous week.
    2020-02-10 18:41:47
  • Today's panic and greed index is 57 (yesterday it was 56), the degree of greed has increased slightly, and the level is still greedy. Note: The panic index threshold is 0-100.
    2020-02-10 18:20:12
  • The Algorand Foundation issued a letter reminding wallet holders who have registered for the Algorand 200 million Algo Staking Reward Program to complete KYC before February 23, 2020.
    2020-02-10 18:17:49
  • OKChain testnet and DEX are launched. At the same time, OKEx announced the destruction of 700 million uncirculated OKBs. OKB holders can enjoy the token mapping OKT issued by OKChain.
    2020-02-10 18:15:55
  • Oracle releases top ten cloud forecasts for 2020. By 2025, 100% of supply chain apps will rely on technologies such as blockchain in the future.
    2020-02-10 18:08:29
  • Today, Tether is officially launched on the Algorand 2.0 platform. Tether will be the first stablecoin to be issued on Algorand with the help of Algorand 2.0 innovative technology.
    2020-02-10 18:04:45
  • Due to lack of jurisdiction, CSW's case against Hodlonaut, the founder of Lightning Torch, has been dismissed, and the lawsuit is expected to be transferred to Norway.
    2020-01-17 16:38:19
  • Grayscale: Grayscale raised more than $ 600 million in 2019, which is more than the cumulative total of Grayscale products raised from 2013 to 2018.
    2020-01-17 16:36:09
  • Analysts believe that the activity on the BTC chain has continued to increase, and its popularity has also been amplified for two consecutive weeks.
    2020-01-17 12:16:27
  • The broader market is not shocked, and it continues to maintain a shock and consolidation situation. Among them: EOS and ETC will perform better under favorable expectations.
    2020-01-17 12:08:15
  • In the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin exchange deposit and withdrawal activity indicators have declined. The average hashrate of Bitcoin in the past seven days and nearly 24 hours was 105.81 EH / s and 119.44 EH / s.
    2020-01-17 12:02:19
  • The BSV node team officially released the node software v1.0.0 stable version today. It is reported that this version is required to implement the "Genesis" hard fork on February 4.
    2020-01-16 14:20:35
  • Quantum Chain Qtum has released the latest 2020 technology roadmap, which includes three major updates of offline staking, Qtum Phantom privacy solution, and Qtum Neutron virtual machine architecture.
    2020-01-16 12:11:20
  • Tokenview: On-chain activity indicators are at recent highs. The computing power of several "halving market" currencies has increased significantly in the past year.
    2020-01-15 14:09:36