• EOS has had a negative return so far this year. Although the top ten cryptocurrencies have risen overall by 26.47%, EOS, the representative PoS asset, has fallen 3.61% this year.
    2020-05-27 18:25:55
  • The data shows that 60% of the supply of Bitcoin has not left its wallet in more than a year, which shows that Bitcoin may be at the beginning of a new bull market. The last time this happened was in early 2016.
    2020-05-27 17:05:08
  • According to analysis firm Blockfyre, the positive trend of the four key indicators of the Ethereum ecosystem strongly proves that the current value of ETH is underestimated.
    2020-05-27 16:43:05
  • Yesterday, the BTC rebound hit the 9000 position and failed to stand firm. At the same time, the transaction volume shrank, indicating that the overall short side is dominant, and the short-term trend is relatively weak.
    2020-05-27 13:26:13
  • Today's panic and greed index is 39 (yesterday's was 39), the level of panic is the same as yesterday, and the rating is still panic. Note: The panic index threshold is 0-100. Including indicators: volatility, etc.
    2020-05-27 13:07:50
  • Investment research: U.S. stocks closed higher after being stimulated by the good. Gold closed down and oil prices fluctuated slightly. The volume of BTC transactions has shrunk or may continue to fluctuate.
    2020-05-27 13:05:55
  • Cryptocurrency analyst and trader Josh Rager tweeted that the current bitcoin price trend is a bit slow, and hopes that it will pick up tomorrow following the heat of the stock market.
    2020-05-26 17:35:36
  • According to the Ethereum browser, the number of ERC20-USDT transfers on the Ethereum chain reached a record high of 208,107 on May 25. The previous record for the number of single-day transfers was September 9, 2019.
    2020-05-26 17:25:41
  • The number of Bitcoin tweets on Twitter is proportional to its market value. As of May 26, in a total of about 39,000 tweets, Bitcoin's share was about 68%. The Bitcoin market share is 65.7%.
    2020-05-26 17:19:54
  • Ethereum Classic said on official Twitter that ETC is the only secure PoW smart contract platform at the bottom. ETC has mechanisms, algorithms and caps, so it has a sound monetary policy with minimal trust.
    2020-05-26 14:38:50
  • The world has entered a tide-breaking tide, with oil prices rising slightly and gold prices falling slightly. Early trading indicated that the contract continued to rise, and BTC fluctuations may be amplified.
    2020-05-26 14:21:27
  • The report shows that Ethereum is still the most popular blockchain platform for development institutions, and the proportion of blockchain development institutions based on Ethereum has soared to 62.05%.
    2020-05-26 13:38:56
  • Glassnode's proprietary GNI indicator shows that after experiencing the recent price drop, Bitcoin's network health declined this week. All three core components of the GNI indicator have experienced significant corrections.
    2020-05-26 13:37:01
  • In the past 24 hours, the transaction volume on the Bitcoin chain has increased by 77.36%. The number of active addresses on the entire network decreased by 4.69% from the average value in the last seven days.
    2020-05-26 12:10:18
  • Report: After Bitcoin halved for the third time, the annual issue rate / mining rate fell to the same level as gold. In the past decade, the gold mining rate has not changed much, while the bitcoin issuance rate has plummeted.
    2020-05-26 12:05:15