• The Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) and the Cyber Threat Intelligence Network said last week that more attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges are expected in 2020.
    2019-12-11 15:47:49
  • Data show that the number of Italian stores and companies that accept Bitcoin is growing. In addition, as of September this year, the number of ATMs in Italy accounted for about 0.8% of the global number of Bitcoin ATMs.
    2019-12-11 15:45:03
  • GMO coin 2019 report: The percentage of female users has increased from 16.3% to 24.1%. The proportion of people in their 20s has increased. Young people are interested in cryptocurrencies.
    2019-12-11 15:20:08
  • As of 11:00 on December 11, the 24H transaction volume of Ethereum's mainstream exchanges increased slightly; the on-chain DApp transaction volume declined significantly; the 30-day ROI continued to decline.
    2019-12-11 15:17:05
  • Survey: 56% believe that the halving of bitcoin will not be reflected in the price; 27% are sure that the market has factored the event into the factors affecting the price; 17% are uncertain.
    2019-12-11 14:01:39
  • Wang Wei, Founding Chairman of China Mergers & Acquisitions Association and Chairman of China Financial Museum: Blockchain is not only a technological revolution, but also a revolution in ideas.
    2019-12-10 19:04:37
  • Chen Yongwei, head of the research department of "Comparison" magazine: The emergence of Libra or similar stablecoins is only a matter of time, and policy plans should be prepared in advance.
    2019-12-10 18:45:48
  • In the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin exchange deposit and withdrawal index rebounded, and the number of active and newly added addresses rose by 5.16% and 2.01% respectively over the recent seven-day average.
    2019-12-10 18:36:54
  • Data show that since the launch of Bitcoin, the lows of almost every year have been higher than the lows of the previous year. The only exception was 2015, when the low was $ 15 below the previous year.
    2019-12-10 14:47:47
  • On December 9, the top five candidate words for each year of the "Chinese Inventory 2019" were officially released. The five candidate international words are: Notre Dame, Blockchain, Trade Friction, Black Hole Photos, and Brexit.
    2019-12-10 14:38:57
  • Analysis: Open interest in CME BTC futures hit a 6-month low last week. Or it means that Bitcoin's volatility has diminished. The total number of Bitcoin holding addresses reached 28.39 million, a record high.
    2019-12-10 14:29:45
  • As of 11:00 on December 10th, the 24H trading volume of Ethereum's mainstream exchanges has not significantly improved; the bitcoin exchange rate has shown a certain downward trend.
    2019-12-10 13:46:51
  • The China Securities Association's official website announced 21 outstanding topic reports today, including 2 related to the use of blockchain in the securities industry.
    2019-12-10 13:29:10
  • On December 19, Hang Seng will host the "i BLOCK CHAIN" blockchain new product launch conference, which will release new products such as Fantai Chain (FTCU) and supply chain financial blockchain service platform.
    2019-12-10 13:18:05
  • After the Ethereum upgrade in Istanbul on December 8, the number of Ethereum transactions has fallen to its lowest level in nearly a year. As of December 9, only 440,000 transactions have been completed.
    2019-12-10 13:14:34