Index source

Exchange Trading pairs Last Strike Price 24H High 24H Low Volume Percentage Update
OKEX EOS/USDT 2.82/$2.82 2.9 2.763 1,511万 33.33% 刚刚
Huobi-Pro EOS/USDT 2.82/$2.82 2.889 2.764 515万 33.33% 刚刚
Binance EOS/BTC 0.001/$2.82 0.001 0.001 127万 33.33% 刚刚

EOSPrice Index explanation

EOS Price Index,is a fair EOS price index that is calculated by collecting the latest strike price of EOS on the mainstream EOS spot exchanges in the world and based on the fixed weight determined by the comprehensive influence of each exchange. It can reflect the situation of current EOS price operation. The BFX EOS contract will be indexed by the index, and the EOS contract will be contracted to trigger a strong and open position.

Exchange selection criteria: select the underlying exchange every 3 months globally.

The following requirements need to be met at the same time if the exchange want to be chosen:

1.The average daily trading volume of EOS needs to be more than 100000000 for three consecutive months;

2.No major trading accident occurred within 3 months of the platform;

3.No operational risk was found on the platform;

4.There are no other situations that may affect the stable operation of the exchange;

The exchange will be excluded if there is any below situation :

1.The average daily trading volume of EOS is below 10000000 for 3 consecutive months;

2.The platform has experienced more than one major trading accident in the past 3 months;

3.The platform has operational risks;

4.There are other situations that we believe may affect the stable operation of the exchange;

Valuation unit: U.S. dollars

Exchange Rate Selection: The exchange rate is provided by Sina Finance and Yahoo Finance and is updated daily at 3pm.

Calculation model: adopt the technique of the latest strike price fixed weighted average price for each platform.

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