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Bountiful products

BFX's contract trading variety includes mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, popular exchange tokens like FT, HT, OKB and BNB, plus high traffic new coins/tokens.

Instantaneous Profit Settlement, No Amortized cost

In order to eliminate amortized cost and to solve the problem of delayed settlement, BFX contract trading not only uses maintenance margins but also introduces the force matching risk management from the traditional futures market.

Perpetual Contracts Trading

BFX's perpetual contract allows users to hold the asset for as long as they wish and avoid unnecessary losses.

Pegged to "US Dollar on the Blockchain"

BFX contract trading uses USDT as contract margin, maintaining its constant value.


BFX utilizes a virtual USD as contract margin, and supports the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BTC, ETH, CK.USD etc.

The price can avoid being manipulated for the burned position is based on index price.

BFX's original indices Forced liquidation model uses an index price taken from mainstream exchanges across the world for the underlying assets rather than the BFX exchange price.

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